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A little about me...

I'm delighted you are here. Now we can learn together!

My name is Rogelio Velez Mendoza, but my friends call me Roge. I've been writing—or at least learning to—for a while now. I'm a journalist and a historian, and I have been a big science enthusiast since reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos back in the mid-90s (Yes, I'm getting old). I'm writing from Canada and hoping to reach some other science nerds out there and those who want to discover fun stuff about it. I recently finished a Master's in History and Philosophy of Science, but I'm no expert. I just want to convey a few things of what I've learned about science and its history while exploring and learning from some of the most exciting research out there. 

If you have a particular topic or research you would like to discuss or share, let me know. We can figure something out. 


This book will set you on a journey that will still not be over after reading five more books. Yes, this is my life now. I have been reading the Foundation series books for a while, and it all started with this one.

It is easy to understand why this book, first published by Asimov as a single book in 1951, grabs your attention and immediately makes you an Asimov fan. I have always enjoyed stories with strong and intelligent characters that face troubles bigger than themselves but also find a way to come on top. Or, if they don't, take you on an exhilarating ride anyway.


When reading this book, you will find great characters that, in my opinion, are better than the well-known Harry Seldon. For me, Salvor Hardin and Hober Mallow steal the show. They are cunning and strong-willed but also very flawed. And that is always a winning combination when you are trying to turn a small world in the galaxy's periphery into the seat of all political and technological power.



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